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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 27, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>>james: you're watching the kron 4 morning news will begin with breaking news this morning from the overnight coverage with one person dead following also involve shooting in san francisco's mission district that happen before 10:00 last night with a rental to for the to the fifth straight year receive the call clam one person was chasing another with a knife police said the suspect is trying to rob that men of his bicycle they drew their guns on that man with a knife and ordered him to drop it at that time we do not know was happening then opened fire but the situation as the lead to a point where shot fired in a press release said the escalation happen rather quickly witnesses said the officers fired four to six times the suspect that at the same mineral the man on a bike said you staple that he intervened. >>: the victim told them that he
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was coming after him with the leftist bay. >>james: the incident is still under investigation for standard procedure in the offices involved in the emission will be placed on miniature leave. >>erica: will notice an increase of cloud cover throughout the day and we broke a record santa rosa-73 degrees and has not been that war since the early 2000's on that day. 55 degrees in
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richmond 44 in vallejo 50 ride not insulted them and as we focus specifically on the east bay forecast for the fourth increase in cloud cover as the into the afternoon the warmer spots will form the east bay in which could still see mid-60's develop a place like oakland temperatures will be colder than bleep and little rock tonight the when will continue to build a special the higher elevations is a slight chance for some showers i have been looking at some models and guys and the sea in iran as early tomorrow morning. if >>erica: oakland 6562 in concord at the low sixties for a downtown san francisco because continue to build and the south bay sunnyvale papaya 64 and 63 degrees and santa rosa. now have pressured will start to pull
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back in an area of low pressure and to the central coast we are looking into possible still some showers as it had into tomorrow to cast into motion the most of it along the coast of sure for the rest of today but as we headed to about 5:00 saturday i ran for the floor peninsula was his proposal to san jose area. >>erica: north of the golden gate lybrand expected. here's a look at to 7 day along the bay forecast and the sled but whether it for saturday drawing by sunday we have a weak impulse had them for money could bring as a struggle or to but beyond that and the fed will be taking a chance for re pretty much out of the forecast. >>erica: dry conditions in temperatures a little bit above average for more details on that coming up in a moment focusing
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on traffic quickly looking at the bridges and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza nine minutes from the maze from san francisco. the san mateo bridge we have a lane closed off and over like construction and use the rest of the next 15 minutes is not slowing traffic down as you concede there is some activity in the traffic is really like the golden gate bridge looks good drive times 45 minister you're ride out of novato of the san francisco as a tech alive the at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge where accident free no cars with the camera shot green on roadways sensors and speeds are over 50 mi. from our. >>james: we're getting our first look at the man arrested in connection with the dead body was found in hercules wednesday afternoon 27 year-old mark antony far he is from san paolo
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again that was wednesday afternoon the murder is the result of 50 your man was killed was on the side of his rise apparently died of head trauma the woman in her fifties described only as the victims at a close friend of the victim is still in critical condition choose from on crutches and side of the house this said that this of an error in a violent struggle wednesday evening whenever says he regrets not being home with his neighbor needed him. >>: i left for work 20 minutes before the incident happened >>james: she is also in her '50's is still in critical condition this morning also in the news now we have 01 for bart riders this morning the second time this month a person infected with measles has been traveling on art. the infected
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passengers got off part is san francisco while officials estimate is this shifting of the people and even more have been exposed the senate the sale of the apartment for people in that town has come down with measles. >>james: nationals we have a series of young people in north america under arrest for investigation for try to join the ices tour overseas. >>reporter: minnesota team shot to fly to turkey with the intent of joining ices and serial the 18 year-old somali america pleaded guilty thursday in the federal courts to
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minneapolis and canada authorities are investigating several missing scenes who attended a community college in montreal the teens may have traveled to turkey in order to devices there was shock and concern among students two brooklyn men are accused of trying to fly from new york to turkey and most of the vintage don tyson serial those two and a third brooklyn man accused of trying to help fund the trip appeared in court on wednesday the attorney says the fbi is rushing to prosecute on propaganda by isis is a growing threat the state department says it is battling about 90,000 sweets each day the fbi says it is investigating homegrown violent extremists in all 50 states the proposed license came
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up at the conservative political action conference in maryland on thursday. >>: will have two choices we can wait to see what they're going to do in react to it or which can destroy them first >>james: we will let you know who in a they're the cause for concern this morning and coming up after the wreck the tennis tour lure away from his bible study class to be used in him trafficking will have the lead on the investigation coming up in the south with this morning here is a lot of the outside december celebrants' camera issue will to about 64 lead on this afternoon the clouds and
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the winds are coming into plasma getting ready for the to to wet weather around the bay.
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>>james: his flooded team run away. >>reporter: this conjunction with the sheriff's department in the d.a.'s office the victim in this case is a teenage girl would be lured away from the bible study group was being exploited as a sex work on an unidentified motel in sunnyvale are arrested and charged with him and trafficking in the case is the to your patrick of oakland task force members characterized them as a pimp and a printer. --predator >>: they sign would is missing in a person's life and take that
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almost tried to fill it but again they're not feeling it for the benefit of the victim they're filling in for their own financial gain the web site used to post prostitution a to to arrange for a date and recover the victim the had that position of the key to the baltimore room and some $6,500 in cash. he's been charged with sexual assault charges.
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>>james: here is a lot of the outside the embarcadero camera showing you the view and san friend 60. --san francisco.
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>>james: we are back for 15 is the tide in this talk about little bit of the weather in some unusual size and are sitting across the country to my frozen waves this is one of the number that captured this the real folk in massachusetts freezing weather is limit whole lot of the east coast right now and the photographer says he thought the horizon looks strange and saw the ocean was part of the freeze. deceit the raids--wage looking slushy like the of what was frozen solid in a way to oregon.
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>>erica: is going to be a little colder but not that cold to freeze wages ocean beach to much is expected to drop as much as 10 degrees today as a rationale started things off with mild conditions temperatures across from a continued is in into the afternoon that is just a slight
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possibility filmed one ship was wrecked his way on shore. is firkin not enough moisture in the atmosphere to sustain any moisture in the heavy rain here in the bay area will see it among showers pitch a cassette of the 5:00 is a light rain causes a san jose as the clock into motion yet again saw the showers will develop a 10:00 saturday morning tear your umbrella most of the activities as it had to sunday and saturday at higher elevations uc of to have and to bring will
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tech would weaken get dry weather for sunday with campeau's combined spent a lot to us. on what looks like a pretty mild come condition partly cloudy skies and some bridges and the low 60s. >>erica: you concede to of the line is actually closed off is so light right now and you cannot see in this total the golden gate bridge looks driver right now a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge a drive times of coleman system hercules to berkeley coming down the east shore freeway we do not have any accidents on was about to four. >>james: this war investigators
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are still working to figure will cause an explosion ec fire crews there on hand this happened at the business part the area has been shut down for several hours the sunnyvale department of public safety said two workers suffered minor injuries and was described as an industrial accident the company since the oct. for power systems will no other injuries were reported. >>james: accuser then lies and restore military structure. here you can see what had happened to save the results of the sea its tree in southern iran fire pull the safety. >>: it is a very steep cliffs
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one was trying to come back up the cliff he got stuck in started to fall most men we understand face a number of serious charges also this morning the drone fears over the ice is recruiting techniques have been talking about so far this week that venues also submitted to accrue americans to and during the cause. this added to the receipts in the people how to attack at home. >>reporter: it is actually a video from prices posted on social media and a convincing one to be to heidi's to join ices and syria. a canadian cover was the ultimate pitchmen slices until he was killed fighting for them but even that
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when the stuff the extremists to to to not talk--is it that easy to contact ices on line. >>reporter: their e-mail accord nader or liaison. .
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>>reporter: the dangers director from groups whose popularity is only growing all line.
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>>james: will take a break back with more news in just the weather is ok for now but there is rain showers on the way the san mateo bridge looks for another of the who will give full details on the inbounds storms.
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bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people >>james: temperatures hit in the arizona yes today the crowd there was a big bang been cheering one minute and then gas in the next.
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>>reporter: the three-time world series champion will he look sharp up against hunter pence who fought off the first two pitches and then swung and mess but scary moment awhile later said seattle pacific to the mound against the new third baseman and he has a pretty good
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contusion. sir likasi and mad but on the stories here in arizona it was interesting to see their leaving the small room that adds to get a pretty big applause from when they kept on walking his own way. >>james: will take a break coming up on the kron 4 morning news will is expanding its facility in mountain view.
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>>james: if you're just joining us now here are some of the big stores via been following since the saw the broadcast at 4 this morning ragged in the first look what the men arrested his of his seven year-old he was arrested shortly after pleas from the less body and area of merry go place the 50 your man who died and was found inside his arise died apparently of head trauma for the second time this mother person infected with measles have been traveling on art in this time this the more the 1500's other writers may have been exposed the train
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wreck in several stops including south san francisco won for is as dead following also involve shooting this average before 10:00 last laugh on halter street between 24 and 25th they believe the call that one man was chased and another with a knife of to the ride is said the suspect tried to rob a man of his bike. >>erica: mueller notice the changes at first increase in cloud cover and then the rent will pick up into the judge will drop as a hint to the afternoon and at some location expected to be as much as 10 degrees colder this afternoon lunacy much in the way of wet weather today
4:32 am
but its reserve for tomorrow but the simpson chen will see a spark or two in the south bank here is a look at san francisco the embarcadero partly cloudy conditions to start off this friday morning concerns the temperature is not too bad out there think to the cloud cover fairfield of 47 degrees (55 in the fifth is out the door in downtown san francisco and up the '40's and livermore. >>erica: partly cloudy skies landau cloud cover all the increase as it is to the afternoon the when will pick up for the higher elevations to purchase a low to mid '60's a letter on just a slight chance for sprinkel but the chest at increases as you get into a saturday morning. pleasanton 6364 for san jose they listen to the chipping in 61 06 is also for downtown san francisco some
4:33 am
of this is as much as 10 degrees cooler we will notice the rain as the yen to 2 are free to pass the model year not showing much of the way of friday but as his early saturday morning as will start to develop the rain test of the south bend will spread to lower peninsula as into the afternoon will start to see some spotty showers for santa rosa and it will attack on the likelihood for perhaps an isolated thunderstorm or two but the wet weather really ought set for saturday when the deadwood wet weather just yet look at to 7:00 a.m. from the forecast the sun is one to the drive and a week it was pushed through on monday because another spec for two but will not see a test model flying high pressure as the into the middle of the week will part because the skies and temperatures and low to mid '60's will continue to follow the weather around the bay area and also check out the mole application for that use a lot
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of the bay bridge toll plaza the san mateo bridge let all that overlap the strips away been tracking small cellar of the right-hand side of the screen here is a live look at the golden gate bridge south about 1 01 lots of space between car to check with the cfe no axes to report as a ticket to the richmond san rafael bridge bridge no proms or delays speeds of 50 m.p.h. as you work your way into marin. >>james: the house of our prisoners whose will be voted on a short-term to continue funding the department former securities the run on a monday midnight tonight the republicans say john van is adamant that it would be shut down republicans are demanding any funding be tied to reverse some of president obama as executive actions of emigration is the
4:35 am
measure is not approved the farmer, security will have a part have shut down starting midnight tonight. >>james: police said 52 you'll carson are told lucci molested a 10 year-old girl after or over the course of the year he is the boyfriend of a day care worker who was watching the door at the time the guard is now 13 tech the tech the session did not come forward until now because she was afraid they'll has been set at $340,000 he is expected to make his first court appearance letter this morning. >>james: surely after the deadly fire burned through a building at 22nd and mission streets in san francisco's mission district and all life on a razor the fund's average $180,000 less like a savage and army will sell to present checks to relieve
4:36 am
some other stress we spoke to some of those family members and here's what they had to say. happening today they're expected to submit expense implants to the city of mountain view but some of the area of concern in may be going too far and this federal overwhelmed the city's infrastructure. >>reporter: their packwood but traffic as well as regular all traffic traffic that will only get worse by extending the
4:37 am
campuses of global and other tech firms vying for development and the north bay shore region of mountain view the kind of growth we are experiencing right now is so impressive that is what a difficult issue with the best of intentions but the company to solve all the problems and with people who live there are going to be satisfied. this expansion is to have traffic in mind but also where the employees going to live nearly all of the housing in mountain view is full and that is a real problem with what housing so we're going to be setting that >>reporter: there are more expensive plant the land available someone is going to be
4:38 am
disappointing perhaps to slow down little bit we have to do something to do with the consequences of this growth. >>james: the man who left his truck on the train tracks in southern california is out of jail this morning will tell you why the district attorney is not pressing charges us to straighten the to the facebook is rolling out to help prevent suicide here is a live look at the golden gate bridge grammar we have of the of weather and traffic amid a 445 the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>>james: they're introducing bills to seek and improve census was a center they have introduced a sentence of a restoration act on thursday that adds up to rv by federal money and approve the base will
4:41 am
fall that one of the to the ears " for further erosion there was no word yet on when that apple grow to gone but will let you know when they get a move on it. >>james: 2 of the things that can in those pods can easily explode. congresswoman jackie spear to action introducing the the charge of poisoning in child safety act if it passes the required child was track packages for products like that in 2012 and that's what was said to receive more than 17,000 calls about children get into those packages speer has long been known for effort involving consumer protection. this will result in new tools to ever to reach out to use to might feel suicidal france and slack oppose this just severe depression or suicide including measuring a friend that are contacted other friends are connecting with
4:42 am
health experts for advice there was general view the reported post the tech action to reach out for a national suicide prevention lifeline the to lie to you as you the of the next couple of months. >>james: who have more headlines of course and other czech of the weather traffic american just a moment to the quick look at conditions in san jose 53 right now should warmer to about 64 it will be local this afternoon and clouds and when all road and in advance of what weather. --wet weather
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cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] >>james: let's talk about the weather here at 444 the arctic chill that had the northeast and
4:45 am
a deep freeze keeping the coast guard awfully busy along the great lakes tech a lot of this ice buildup near record levels and some of those lakes with coverage 85 percent co-starred off icebreakers between u.s. and canada and and enforce the act to have to bring out the icebreakers to plow the patched through the eyes pretty incredible. >>james: 3 others 50 cargo ships that is the title to whether with their bill would ask for here in the bay area not that bad. >>erica: it is one to be pretty seasonal we're talking about a dramatic drop in temperatures that keep in mind some locations have 12 to 15 degrees above average right now temperatures in the '50s partly cloudy by about no the when will start to
4:46 am
pick up the stairs in the higher elevations higher today in the upper fifties to low 60s with so record-breaking highs yesterday the rate increase for lower peninsula and the south bend
4:47 am
with this system the cold front that is expected to slide over the central coast or by snowfall levels to about 4,000 ft. we're talking about a light dusting of snow for the higher elevations and even some snow in the sierra nevada when i wanted to was out of the system we have a lot drive area here in the bay area.
4:48 am
will have more details on this coming up in just a few minutes right now focusing on track a great time to leave the house we're seeing a little of backed up and some of these cash place here at the bay bridge toll plaza and earlier this morning we had a couple of the last cold of fear for the san mateo bridge not the case anymore traffic flow freely no issues or the less as a tech ally of the at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge over on the traffic lapsing some on the road with sensors interstate 280 and that is the case as a slide of the peninsula no problems or issues to report december sale area. >>james: apparently no charges will be filed against the man who left his truck on train tracks in southern california causing a train to derail more than two dozen people were injured in that crash we're
4:49 am
hearing from the family of the truck driver. for the first time since the tragic much alike crash the family of the man being blamed for all came forward the dea decided not to file felony hit-and-run charges for now against 54 your jose sanchez ramirez there is on a truck driver and the to pick up on the track it was stuck to the medellin train approached. >>reporter: nearly 30 people were injured 62 year-old who for decades of experience was most critical and the sla has helped to the term for the worse when the heart stopped twice how well the recovered could play a role and what the sentence ramirez a small charge it is 56 mi. per
4:50 am
hour now the attention turns to how such as repairs ended up on the track >>james: in the wake of that debt leads to the but outbreak in the ucla medical center and two patients died from bacteria and now they said that he reported similar cases it was so wide to all for the fda said
4:51 am
issue an advisory they're calling of congressional hearings to find out what the fda knew. the warriors say san the cavaliers to the second time this season only this time game scored a season-high 42 points as cleveland beat golden state won 10 to 99 p at 11 rebounds as
4:52 am
men of season for the sharks and right now they find themselves in a familiar territory on the outside of the playoff picture looking and foes in the detroit red wings the from the neck early but what i scold a flurry of shots buttercreams left the sharks at a three to two lost by tamils all said and done will take a break for 50 now the tie will be back with more in a moment was at a live look a letter or will we back with more than just a moment.
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>>erica: we do have some big changes to talk about rain finally back in the forecast was see it it would not be organized or widespread everyone
5:00 am
well above freezing today but into the afternoon you will notice a cool down as much as 10 degrees cooler than yesterday harris was on top of you showers had in our direction ahead to tomorrow it will be another system bring a few hours later rain drops as a into early next week when will increase as of the 40 mi. per hour down trees and downed power responsibility as the head into tomorrow it will drop to for coffee in the bay area. >>george: the traffic can turn
5:01 am
in a minute and that is exactly what is happening here we just discovered an accident on 880 in the southbound direction here through hayward a big rig and several other vehicles got involved in the crash and even at this early hour the senses are ready picking up some delays for of potential hot spot for syndications are there may be more than one line blocked on 880 southbound out if you updated into that occurred will look a pretty light and breezy ride here for the westbound commit to the bay bridge of pretty easy ride is will the blaze on the approach or the span and for the golden gate bridge and the four slain in the
5:02 am
southbound direction could take about 22 minutes for him to finish and get to the north end of the bridge. >>james: to breaking news now sort of look over my while you were sleeping we know the suspect then altered raw sugar and san francisco has died in have been in the city's mission district and the u.s. and the insider lead offices there in the first place were ultimately the shooting happened. san francisco police said the suspect was trying to still another man's bicycle and a panel which is a with a large knife this will lead off sister to the mission district as to what happened next that is still under investigation. >>reporter: officers were here late into the night around 945 last night severs this will please respond to the call on host st. police sent to nearby on doody plainclothes officers responded officers pulled out
5:03 am
their guns police say they had the stars the suspect die from these injuries he did not suffer injuries there several witnesses to the incident and as the two officers there will be placed on paid administrative leave with a standard procedure in the shooting is under investigation. >>james: will go back to him and and they throw the morning.
5:04 am
>>darya: if you rolled bird last friday you never exposed to measles for the second time this month a person infected with the measles was traveling on bart. - 1500 of the writers could have been exposed by this the commuters apparently boarded bart of storage 20th at the millbrae workstation near sfo. the was headed north it made plenty of stocks stops. >>james: much for interest about the deadly home invasion hercules' including the identity of the suspect arrested in this case that now believe it was a home invasion and that the suspect broke into the home with a letter turned out to be a realistic looking begun. he was
5:05 am
arrested was the afternoon after please recall out to the same will fight officers spotted a blood trail from the truck parked in the driver does when they found a woman with plastic covering her face she in critical condition this morning police from a second victim of man who live there at the home he was dead in the garage jacket will have much more the story also in a live report coming up in the next half hour. >>darya: he is suspected of using a team is 0 as a sex worker at a sunnyvale motel and the to your pastor glial simmons is behind bars this morning he was arrested after a tip from san jose police that the victim was a runaway in was being advertised for sex on line agents to arrange for a date and recovered the girl from the motel simmons had a key to the role the losses to $500 in cash
5:06 am
prosecutor described from as a pimp and a predator. >>reporter: --tractors are predators. >>: they're not fully for the benefit there are still in use for their own financial gain in greek. >>darya: he faces a total of five felonies if convicted he will face up to 15 years in prison. >>james: and of the of the driver who was arrested in the truck bed caused a train crash and the derailment was to you what he is not one to be facing charges this morning the fund raiser for families left homeless after a fire ripped through an apartment building in san francisco before reserve raise millet to $1,000 reward to hear the package for most residents us after the break is a controversial plan the second and and that storm is on a will
5:07 am
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>>darya: there is is dressed and i swear when i looked and if i saw black and blue sky look at a three times i am still convinced icy blue and black. >>erica: i saw late last night i said is blue and black my cousin
5:11 am
said is white and gold people do not agree is one person wrote in know it is white and gold some agree with me and said has tacked same black and blue. there was a scientist out there as a to do with cone the line i
5:12 am
think is white and black i will explain will continue to delve into rock the morning it would take some time you're in the commercials.
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>>james: we are back in is 515. >>george: a big rig accident on 880, and the southbound direction more details are coming in down the chp said the big great several vehicles and all the three left lanes in this accident are block all 880 southbound it is already backed
5:16 am
up the milk and highway 92 no indication from the chp about how long it would take to clear but when they issue a similar it is usually in the bay area one or more lanes them is of a judge on the same with the be looking at a major hot spot for the morning commute we look around the bay here a ride on highway 80 west arm the back of a cordless this is a small commuter the san mateo bridge and highway 92 also easy ride the golden gate bridge ride is good but southbound 101 remember the zipper truck is on the bridge abutment and as for the
5:17 am
richmond bridge look at this there's nothing wrong on the camera slowly our all interstate 580 rebels had over to the weather center. >>erica: i knew we were friends to start off with a live look of the san francisco in bardera we're hitting a to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and this is for temperatures 40's and '50's right now concede the cloud cover ride not for everyone well above the freezing mark. all montadale been free mild we will see by the
5:18 am
afternoon by a lot of what will start to see the wind pick up this is the higher elevations some location between five and eight degrees cooler for what we saw yesterday and then in late tonight a slight possibility for its record to the long increase is to get into your saturday broken-down highs for today 63 in fremont san mattel hitting a high of 64 and low 60s of an unmarked grave. you'll notice all the activity is off shore is a few isolated showers of the ocean is really nothing reaching for the air masses to try to have a lot less us to shed with the system to begin with as we headed to some are early will start to see a few
5:19 am
pops hours beginning in the south the first. into the afternoon will start to see random elements of the golden gate bridge and far east of livermore by the afternoon it will all be instability we could still isolated thunderstorm or to keep your umbrella sandy will the saturday event will start to try things out as it into your sunday. >>erica: beyond that into the middle of the week for most sunny skies and temperatures and the low 60s what weather is certainly on the way so you could always get a price of the situation by downloading the kron 4 mobile application a we have to just listen to kron 4 web application as storm track from that and you to track the showers neighborhood by neighborhood neighborhood >>darya: knew this morning the
5:20 am
number of jobless licenses being given to undocumented immigrants in california has gone way up and just the first seven weeks of applications this they had all hundred and 10,000 licenses to people who are in this country illegally to get license applicants have to take a written test and a road test a license is do have a label on them then reads not acceptable for official federal purposes before boarding an airplane they spent issue 1.4 million the licensed to the next three years to people regardless of their immigration status tech the driver who left his pickup on the tracks and a train in southern california crashed into that trap her a lot of people that driver has been released jose sanchez americans got out of jail last at about 939 and complete our relatives
5:21 am
and his head covered for the tv cameras prosecutors on thursday said they would not file charges at this point against him until the investigation is complete he had been in jail since tuesday when police said they found him about a mile away from the crash site 30 people were engine for critically in that crash which is in the early morning commute when the train had bashed into the truck that was left on the track he left on the track he said because it was stuck there and would not move for the try to get it to move and would not mess when he took off looking for help. if >>james: to men prefer to buy park ridge of vandalizing near fort baker tried to run away and best of the need to be rescued themselves of the two suspects accused of vandalizing the store military structure and when they ran with it fell down a steep cliff near the golden gate
5:22 am
bridge and look what has to be done to rescue them ahead of and helicopters chp got involved the park rangers and a southern far as the head to be called and rescue them in prison or trances fastball down the hill it was a very steep cliff as one would try to come back up he gets stuck in started to fall down as we told them not to move will get you to come and help you as you might imagine both men face a number of serious charges of men of the on a story tells of four for your last month a deadly fire ever in the building a 26 in the mission street. >>darya: he spoke to the man who start the fund raising and he was presenting to families with their checks. >>reporter: in mexico amazing the final total output to zero
5:23 am
talk to $180,000 is incredibly were warning that one family after another session to room to receive their checks that helps this money helps more than 50 people displaced by the deadly january fire the ranges from about $6,000 that is one single male when their apartment $15,000 that will be in a family of three young children under the age of 10 to help disperse the checks 13 euro his entire life. the american red cross and salvation army recently helped finance them with temporary housing now of the donations thanks he and his mother nancy
5:24 am
facing are looking up. >>james: more on our storm forecast in just a minute.
5:25 am
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>darya: the a's in the giants'
5:28 am
second extra time for spring training workout the to the areas what are among the first is a major league baseball to undergo domestic violence training sessions last about an hour and have their conducted by the san francisco group teaches without violence currently all the m.l. the teams will have to undergo training that dr. law relent issues and experiences and lettuce interactions with women and children. >>jackie sissel: 01 in this morning so 1/2 on the trend with measles coming up i will tell you when in the route and in my report. kfc popcorn nuggets. 100% white meat, extra crispy, and made from the world's best chicken.
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>>erica: they have managed to get one of the three lanes door blocked-->>george: lane number three remember they start from the left from the center divider so the lines close to the center divider is liable on their four lanes on a southbound--880, is nevertheless managed the back of the ride into a word on a 80, southbound i did affecting the ride come off to 38 the netherlands elope with coming up with a in south about what it is not clear quickly of how to translate into the lens into
5:32 am
castro valley. >>george: mineralize not yet >>erica: parlor cloud to mostly cloudy skies here is a live look at the golden gate bridge in san francisco right now 54 degrees of the '40's and now of vallejo curley of 44 degrees and 53 currently in concord the kids
5:33 am
farley when i need a heavy jacket for today with the at the >>darya: you may have been exposed if you're writing part of a week ago writer got on the train at the millbrae
5:34 am
workstation made several stops and other locations kron 4 is live in this city will talk about the exact date and they can the exact time. >>will tran: this is last friday sometime in the afternoon guest this person we dunno if he or she will could have protected person caught on to the mill rate trend went in northbound 1500 people might have been exposed to a person is trying we do know according to public officials and here she got off how this person and how public officials knew were speculating that this person might have gone to the doctors in the doctors had to report a to the public health department because of the apple and health laws the cannot be specific with this person i can tell you at mellon defense
5:35 am
you have to get a shot >>james: with unsuspected talents to making his first court appearance with sakharov 52 your car san marcello moultrie. >>james: he was arrested yesterday you the boyfriend of the day care worker the woman was watching the time you're at the time the dollar now 13 the mullahs is to last for about a year these been held a $34,000 bail. >>darya: happening now san francisco police are searching for missing woman who they say is unable to care for herself
5:36 am
and seven you're a korean guns dollars reported missing for care facility in the mission district--claudio gonzalez. >>darya: 5 ft. tall 200 lb. brown hair and brown eyes she was last seen wearing a purple jacket and blue jeans. >>james: to a story for you knew this morning in a mistrial has been declared for lost angeles police officer accused of repeatedly kicking and handcuffing the woman who later died a decade after a sergeant who witnessed the events testified at a disciplinary hearing internal affairs officials in the reference to the prosecutor the morning the sergeant had not listened given that order in previous interviews of the is department declined to comment. >>darya: 2 ft. long black box could become indiana's news weapon in its efforts to save babies, abandonment and death legislation approved by the state have the representatives and indiana would allow
5:37 am
hospitals police and fire stations and churches and also select nonprofits to install incubators or baby boxers where parents could surrender their newborn and anonymously supporters say the improvement people abandoning children in newborns and them dying and other less safe place as this could supplement u.s. states have laws that already allow people to surrender the designated sites without risking prosecution so long--as long as the child is not harmed. you can drop a newborn baby the distant parent at fire system but and there is out there in the yen has come with this box to put the baby and. >>james: the woman tried to keep your child safe from the dangers from detergent pods that
5:38 am
are oftentimes the tech demise children for can beat you explain what she's doing next.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>>george: sea its be having a hard time getting to try to respond in a timely fashion in order to get the rest of the lines open and the rest of the vehicles cleared the first lock relay is a menace to get one open the back of still does not quite reached the 238 but looks like the leica will it is not cleared surely will take a quick break is the kron 4 morning news will be right back.
5:42 am
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>>james: of a home invasion >>darya: what it called on the weather and the big changes we're waiting for some rain. >>erica: i would like to say the not to be over. with the sea nine to send into the higher elevations and saw is was really difficult getting they're very strong women and a lot of people who saw that the snow was coming in at the car's back asked. there's another chance is to get into next week right now bill with a pretty mild conditions in the bay area a live look at the golden gate bridge partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies to start off your friday morning right now
5:47 am
temperatures are not too bad we're in the '40's and 50's so some locations for the 11 degree warmer the to the for hours about (the pretty restricted one of the door and head toward downtown san francisco at 54 degrees we're set for this all along the delta as a second look at what is on tap for yesterday into the 7:00 hour melee '50s again by about lunchtime the wind is one to pick a we're going to have pretty strong winds for the higher elevations by 3:00 this afternoon where one to hit the afternoon highs to the judge pretty much what they should be for this time of the year dry weather now for satellite and radar but as we take it over to teach a cast we're tracking and very low pressure this on to bring just a few raindrops to the bay area most likely tomorrow will not see much activity for today this model shows into 3:00 this afternoon.
5:48 am
>>erica: of its offshore putting the clock into motion 58 was start this is my rentable for the south bank and the highest rainfall totals will be in the saw the as we headed to tomorrow as we headed to the afternoon will start to see some rain from the north bank by 3:00 lybrand expected out livermore valley keep your umbrella handy with the sea isolated thunderstorms or to a lifting this is reserved for saturday will want to try things out by sunday with the sea scattered showers nothing to organize to fight some was not see any wet weather whatsoever with the sea a 2 1/4 minutes for the urban spots would ever stolen was up and down to 4,000 ft. of have to see a light dusting of snow atop mount hamilton as a into saturday evening something to look forward to sunny and dry monday. >>erica: average is a low 60s the the end of the week.
5:49 am
>>george: would tell you about the kron 4 mobile application to agree with to stay up-to-date with traffic news and whether it is a free download works across all platforms this is a android and apple devices not to the house what 880 southbound as we mentioned see if she's having a hard time getting to truckdrivers the company they call cannot find drivers to get to their trucks to get to the same to get the line squared off in that is why the back of continues to grow, or 880 southbound erection now are reaching up to 238 in san leandro coming up to tennyson road as a to left and lines or still blocked by a mob to big a big rig accident for a while shut down three lanes that is the hot spot this morning otherwise traffic around the bay would not have been too bad except of course here at the bay bridge toll plaza with a meter and light had been active and are already backed up the west
5:50 am
grand avenue december sale rares ride still the latest this is of the commute even out to the base of a high-rise to the golden gate bridge no delays will fire or southbound in the trip into marin the richmond bridge starting to pick up a little volume mount still win to get these to toll lanes opened at 6:00. >>james: happening today global is expenses amid a suspect not everyone is happy about that shoreline boulevard is already packed bus traffic as well as regular traffic will be a challenge to have their corporate hotfoot house and immigration or with the proposals are vague but for
5:51 am
water over san criterion. >>james: which he have a flood of people pushing that demand even higher with expensive will provide 20,000 new jobs the proposal must submitted to the city by the end of the business that today six women are choosing the founder of high yoga of assault. >>darya: claim that he sexually harassed in rope and ride them over the years the loris is that he never insulted any of the women the prosecutors declined to bring any charges that he has built a huge empire around a rigorous routine exercises performed in a hot your room and the first lawsuit is set to go to trial in august >>darya: a new safety measures for laundry detergent to protect the kids for mistaken for candy you see those little pots but they do not look all that
5:52 am
different. they're all displayed in the bowl so you could say the bay area congressman is taken the action on this they introduced the detergent poisoning and child safety act and if it passes and require child restraint packaging for these products in 2012 nestle wasn't the got more than 17,000 calls about kids getting into the packet and one baby died. >>james: knew this morning the irs says it already paid out how the two to $5 billion in refunds and thus from 50 million tax returns this already been filed the average refund about $100 as of $3 more than average people expected large refunds to be filed early those who will owe uncle sam, at the 15th is not surprising they're likely to procrastinate. >>james: we're tracking the rain that is coming this weekend here
5:53 am
is a look and feel to cast for it to see the clock is set for 5:00 a.m. monday morning this is to close what might be expected at that point we for details from arab a coming of the just a little bit.
5:54 am
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>>darya: the warriors could not do it had the low crime was not in the cards he was on fire. 42 points to beat golden state won 10 to 99 san jose they're not wanted in this to be impede he still deserves the mvp. the
5:57 am
nba's best record still the cab on the expense of his no. or with them for the next game he hurt his shoulder. >>james: where or to take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news first off we have new gel videos of the release last my of the driver of the massive train crash in southern california alone this week you hear what his son has to say to the victims as there's no charges being filed right now in case you missed it at the top of the hour we're debating in the studio on the color of this dress what do you see? if
5:58 am
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